PiBoIdMo...like finding free candy!

Picture Book Idea Month, a.k.a. PiBoIdMo, is a month long event hosted by Tara Lazar on her blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) that encourages writers of picture books to come up with one idea each day for 30 days. It doesn't sound like much, but it's not always easy to pull ideas out of nowhere, good or bad. So Tara helps by getting wonderful guest writers, agents, illustrators (including herself) to post daily and provide wonderful, informative and fun inspiration. It always helps that she also throws in free giveaways, who doesn't like prizes like original art, signed books, etc.? (I won two drawings!!!! Wooohooooo! I still need to go buy my lottery ticket as Tara suggested.) Tara also set up a wonderful FaceBook page so we could all loiter and gab.

The month flew by and I successfully came up with 33 ideas. This is good because I like odd numbers, unless it's cookies, then only an even amount will do, it assures you will always get more than one. The ideas came in clumps, with days off between, and definitely were urged out of my brain by all the posts. I know some people came up with way more ideas than me and some people struggled to get to 30, but the most important thing is we all came up with new ideas. Ideas that we will nurture, feed, investigate, explore and help grow or even ideas that we realize are okay at best. Those we can shelve for later, use as a launch for a better idea, or just send to the recycling pile. The point is we are working and moving forward, toward the grand goal we all would love to reach, publishing a book we love!

A big thanks goes out to Tara for sharing her time, energy and love of picture books. Another ginormous (love that word) thanks to all of the guest bloggers for sharing what they know and what they love about picture books. I would also like to show gratitude to all the new friends I have made, we will all be there to support and cheer each other on. Success, big or small, is always WAY more fun with a lot of people there to enjoy it with you!!! I think I know where we can go find some free candy!!