Scanners Time

As I prepare for the SCBWI Winter Conference in NY at the end of this week, I can't help but feel like my head is going to explode like that scene in the movie Scanners. Also this week was registration for NESCBWI Spring conference on Monday, for which I jolted awake at 5 a.m. and ran upstairs to register, fearing all the slots would be full. Then I had to prepare and dash off a manuscript in an attempt to garner a critique slot at the Spring conference. I had a quandary in which manuscript to choose, for I also am looking to send one to Whispering Pines, a fantastic, or so I hear, writer's retreat in Rhode Island at the end of March. Deadline is February 3rd for Whispering Pines and the dilemma is to send manuscript only or can I polish up the dummy I have been working on for just about forever in time.

The same dilemma applies to what to send to the PEN Susan P. Bloom Book Discovery Award, manuscript only or dummy. This has to be postmarked on or before February 1st! I'm kind of freaking out.

Add to all of this, my new found "attire" worry. One email from SCBWI on what should be proper attire for the NY conference set me right off in another 5 a.m. tizzy. * Note to self do NOT read e-mails at 5 a.m.!* Words such as "smart casual", "dress casual", and the all time horror of all horrors, the Bruce to my Quint, the Michael Myers to my darkened rooms, the dreaded words "cocktail dress" were mentioned!!! I am a writer and illustrator, not yet paid for doing so, and more than likely donned in boiled wool slippers, sweats, t-shirt, a hoodie and covered in dog and cat hair (they like to help) while grasping a coffee mug and trying not to breathe on people because I can't remember when I last brushed my teeth. Yeah, it's that scary and, yeah, I rarely leave the house. So now I have to leave the house AND look and feel like a million bucks, or at least twenty bucks!

AND I am trying to sell a car, not kill my 13-yr-old daughter due to her erratic mood swings not coinciding with mine, taking care of 6 pets, getting all my promotional ducks in a row for the conference, coordinate train schedules, make sure I have contact info and reservation info and chargers for everything and somehow stay sane. Oh yeah, and decide on outfits and pack. Did someone mention "Portfolio"? HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA, wish me lots of luck!