Ennui to Motivation

I'm coming off a summer break and as I sat in my studio yesterday for the first time in a LONG while, other than the 20 minutes to pay bills every other week, I realized I am getting restless to get back to printing, painting and writing. The summer was hot, too hot for hanging out in a third floor attic studio without A/C. I had started a new job in the spring, went on a two-week vacation at the Cape, acquired a new dog and have had to schedule and go to a million doctor appointments for my kids and me all before the school year begins in a few weeks. I have taken the summer off and am ready to go "back to school" so to speak.

People often feel the New Year is a time for change and resolutions. I, however, get that urge every August-September. Back to school and the Fall season is often when my renewal desire kicks in. Must be the smell of all those school suplies, glue, paper and newly sharpened pencils. And coming off months of hot, humid weather, the cool weather invigorates me and gets me moving. And maybe the inclination to get things done before the snowy days keep you inside, warm, snuggled and slow, motivates me all the more.

Well here's to the start of the season of change and movement and crisp, cool days. I hope we all find the motivation to start anew and go back to school, even if only in our minds.


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