Moving....up, onward, over and out!

I've recently moved and I am currently surrounded by boxes in my new studio space for I can't bear the thought of figuring out where on earth it is all going to fit. A new space will mean new thought processing, brain patterns and, hopefully, wonderful new opportunities. It's hard to get out of a rut, creative, personal or just a plain old mud puddle, without a little help. I chose to just go in a blink and with no regrets. We decided to move in about a month and found a new space right away. I still have work to do on my other space as well and I am being pulled in two directions, new vs. old. New is kicking ass right now and I'm finding it hard to even bear the old. New is exciting and fresh and colored differently. Old is dusty, quiet, disheveled and no longer participates in the day.

So with the move has come a hiatus of all things creative, studio wise. Though it's showing up in things like picking out the trash can (it had to be the red one), curtains and blinds (naked is never neighborly), and thinking of ways to incorporate old items into a brand new space. The kitchen, bath and bedroom took precedence and, sadly, the studio is last. But hopefully it will all fit and the creativity will find it's way back to the drafting table and notebook! I've missed them!

Happy New Year to all, may we all find what we want! I currently want to find the carpet in my studio! So what do you want? Go get it and make it yours!