April is Gonna be a Doozy!

The month only just started and the panic is setting in, well more like a dull roar in the back of my mind that will get louder each day, much like an alarm clock that you have yet to shut off. This  month I must complete, print and prep three pictures, complete an important sketch (image #4), get new business cards and postcards, and prepare for the NESCBWI Spring conference. At the end of March I signed up for Mati McDonough's 6-wk online course, Daring Adventures in Paint, which starts this week and started a local SCBWI critique group for writers and illustrators. Also, I have to rework and set up my new portfolio (of course it's still red).

I am selling a house, a car, have a booth at an antique mill, work a part-time job 4 days a week as a vet tech, feed and water four cats and two dogs (leash walked at least three times a day), all at home, shuttle my daughter around and try not forget about any of it!!!!

What the hell was I thinking???      (insert wine and chocolate here)

When I received the email this morning for Beth Nicholls' Zen for Ten, I jumped at the chance and signed up. One more thing, sure. It may break me, sure, but I'll take all the Zen I can!

So if you see me shuddering under the table in the corner, poke me with a stick and shoo me back into the light. It will all be okay, even if I have to use the Bat Phone.