So Much to Do!

No posts as of late, been so very busy with many things. And things are gearing up to get a little busier.

Saturday, I received my copies of Azalea, Unschooled written by Liza Kleinman and illustrated by me. It was published by the lovely peeps at Islandport Press and I worked directly with Karen Hoots and editor Melissa Kim. Both were very wonderful, patient (as I was a little scared, no mostly terrified to be working on my first book), and kind. I could not have asked for a better start into the world of publishing. And I still owe a thousand thanks to Melissa for picking me out of the crowd to illustrate for Islandport Press. Also Liza wrote a wonderful story, so that made the job so much easier (though still terrifying)!

There will be a launch party on May 9th in Portland, ME with a reading, a Q&A (what? *heart flutters*), book signings and some light refreshments. This will take place from 3-5pm at Greenlight Studio on Dartmouth Street in ME. Here's the link for more info .

Here is a link to the Islandport Press website where they talk to Liza Kleinman about the book.

Also, this weekend is the annual Spring NESCBWI conference in Springfield, MA. Many of my writer and illustrator friends have been working feverishly to get new materials prepared for the weekend. I hope everyone can now relax and enjoy the conference. I can't wait to see so many new and old friends, the kid lit community has so many fantastic people who could not be more fun. And if someone tells you this is the year we do not wear pants, his name may be Marty and he may be lying, bring pants if you are attending. It would make for some interesting editorial critiques though!

Have a great weekend, hope to see many of you there!

Is there a problem with my manuscript?