November is Picture Book Month and More!

November brings with it an assortment of writing challenges! It happens to be Picture Book Month, and the month of writing challenges PiBoIdMo and NaNoWriMo, one for picture book ideas and the other a stint to complete an entire novel in one month! Insanity is the writer's comfort zone. It is also the month we prepare for many upcoming available SCBWI contests, scholarships and conferences. Not to mention the holidays are quickly upon us and all the family time they require. It's enough to become frazzled very easily. And if one is lucky enough to also have deadlines, portfolio building sessions or the search for polished manuscripts filling up schedules, it can drive one to drink tremendous amounts of coffee or wine or both, resulting in erratic behavior and questionable work.

We learn to struggle through, to create, to talk ourselves out of the jittery, caffeine-laden crying jag and we struggle to remain calm. All is well. Or so we tell ourselves that as we drift off to sleep, exhausted from the day's work, images and thoughts popping through our heads like a silent movie.... "Need to buy more alizarin crimson. Why are margins necessary? Don't forget the bleed. Freakin' gutter! What size turkey will we need to buy? Aunt Sally's mashed potatoes are manna from heaven. What rhymes with geshundheit? Why not just use 'bless you' instead? Because I don't want to, that's why. What in the hell is the dog barking at now?....." It goes on and on and on, until you finally nod off, only to wake an hour later, because you now have to pee... a lot. You drank three cups of coffee, two glasses of water, and some chamomile tea to bring you back down. HA! Good luck falling back to sleep..."Did I remember to turn the lights off downstairs? When is that show at the Carle? Why does my character mock me? Who does she think she is? I'll take care of her tomorro...."

So to all who are managing and maintaining this month, HURRAH! You will make it, some with extra stomach acid, some with dark circles under their eyes, some with paint on their best shirt, some with less hair, some with larger waistlines (damn you chocolate!), but all with wonderful new work, stories, paintings, sketches, plots and finished pieces on their way to polishing for submission.

THAT is why it is all worth it.

Buckle up and see you on the flip side.


  1. I was just thinking about how hectic this month is turning out to be, when I came across your blog post. Best of luck getting through all that worthwhile work! :)


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