Whirlwind Weekend

Lou Ferrigno!
Last weekend had a lot going on. Saturday we attended RI Comic Con at the Providence Convention Center and the Dunk, as well at the 26th Annual Children's Illustration Celebration at the R. Michelson Gallery in Northampton, MA on Sunday. It was a weekend of childhood stars and memories. No other weekend in my lifetime has included Lou 'The Hulk' Ferrigno, Ralph Macchio, Jason Momoa, Norton Juster, Mo Willems, Barbara McClintock, and the owner of a pug named Ralph Macchio, Jarrett Krosoczka. (I was too shy to tell Ralph's owner that I had met Ralph.) There were lots of fabulous artists, writers, visionaries, friends, and wondrous people all around me all weekend long. I was sucking up their oxygen. I hope they didn't mind.

Lesson learned: Sometimes leaving the house pays off.

Second lesson learned: Go somewhere that does not have pets or animals, you will be forced to talk to people.

Future lesson: Try not to feel like such a dolt and talk to the people you meet and those around you that you have not yet met. Of all the people pictured below, I talked to three people (whom I already know) and said hello to only two more. I work with dogs and cats that bite, I should not be afraid of people. But I guess, you can always sew up a hole, the soul is a little harder to mend and defend.

Front Row: Rebecca Guay, Grace Lin, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, Lisa Yee, Ruth Sanderson, Jeanne Birdsall, Richard Michelson, Shelley Rotner, Diane deGroat, Carol Weis, Mira Bartok Second Row: Bobbie Reno, Jackie Urbanovic, Brook Gideon, Marlo Garnsworthy, Barbara McClintock, Norton Juster, Florence Minor, Emily McCully, Barbara Diamond Goldin, LeslĂ©a Newman, Mordicai Gerstein, Gloria Pinkney, Jerry Pinkney, Tony DiTerlizzi, Angela DiTerlizzi Third Row: Kevin Barry, Susan Hood, Kate Feiffer, Wendell Minor, Megan Dowd Lambert, Ellen Wittlinger Back Row: Sean Wang, Paul Dubois Jacobs, Jon J Muth, Scott Fischer, Mo Willems, Jane Schoenberg, Nancy Sippel Carpenter, Barry Moser, Kathryn Brown, Jane Dyer, Bob Marstall


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