Segue into Summer

Summer is almost here and it means one thing, Great White sharks will be back in Chatham. WOOHOOOO! But this summer is also a time of transition. I have given my notice at work and will no longer work as a veterinary assistant/technician. I will be devoting all of my time (after family obligations) to writing, drawing, painting, creating and stalking sharks. I am so lucky and very excited to be able to do this. I have always been a slow mover when starting new things, sometimes it takes me years to build up the knowledge and comfort to fully tackle a new venture. I am a researcher first and foremost, the scientific brain taking over and weighing and mulling the situation carefully. (Ask my husband how long it takes me to pick out something in a store!) When I do jump right into things, it may stall and stagnate for a bit until I find my way.

My writing and illustrating has been a little stagnant for a while now. I am finding my way, finding my look and seeing where it will take me. I attended the NESCBWI conference at the end of April and beginning of May, where I submitted some work for feedback. It was the first time I had signed up for critiques and they went really well. It also showed me that I have to buckle down and get cracking. I plan on revamping my portfolio, showing only one style (have a few in there, could never decide on one) and I need to keep maturing my manuscripts until they are ready for submission.

My goal this summer is to sit in that chair above, get my work up to par, and begin querying agents while taking advantage of any open submissions opportunities from the various conferences I have attended. I have not done this in the past, for I wasn't ready. My other summer goal is to see a shark, maybe a large Great White, and hopefully not while swimming.

Remember, "The pond's for old ladies." Time to sink or swim and get out of the pond!


  1. Love that last quote! We have to get out of the pond and swim this summer! I'm working on sitting in the chair and getting work done too. So happy you will be able to write and illustrate full time soon! Hope you see that shark and hope you swim faster than he does!!


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